We would like to express our gratitude to the following open source software we use everyday:

Blender 3D Graphics Software for Character, Monsters and Maps
GIMP Raster Graphics Software for Artworks, User Interface and Textures
LMMS Audio Workstation for Background Music
Audacity Audio Editor for Music and Sound Post-Processing
HaXe Programming Language for Flash Game Client
GCC C/C++ Compiler for Game Server
Python Programming Language for 3D Rendering Scripts
Nginx Web Server
PHP Scripting Language
ImageMagick Raster Image Utility
SamHaXe SWF Library Assembler
Fedora Linux Operating System
Tango Extended Smileys Set of emoticons

Nexus Pixels Game Developers

Jeremiah Torrevillas : Art Director and 3D Artist/Animator
Justine Aaron Torrevillas : Graphic Artist and Map Designer
Donnie Ray Gianchand : Game Programmer and Music Composer
Galileo Lajara : Game Designer and Lead Programmer
Sabrina Lajara : Freelance Web and Graphic Designer